Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catch Up

January 10th - Todd teaching Kevin how to ride his bike. He did not have much patience for it. (Kevin)

January 9th - Kevin made the wise men at school. They are so cute.

January 8th - Kevin fell asleep playing with his toys tonight.

January 7th - 5:15 You can already see the moon. Taken from the park.

January 6th - Kevin & his friend, Ethan, love to dress up. I really love this astronaut costume Kevin.

January 5th - I know it's shallow, but I love watching the Bachelor. I really do like the new bachelor, Jason.

January 4th - Nathan and his cousin Samantha. Nathan loves his younger cousins. We got together with Samantha, Riley & Gabe for Grandma's birthday.

January 3rd - We had to make a quick trip to Sonic to refresh our drink!

January 2nd - Celebrating Mindy's 40th Birthday with the girls. We went out to dinner and then scrapbooked all weekend.

More Later!

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